Wooden Axes Home decorative


  • Dual Axes Wall Art Material: Wooden Base Metallic Axes, Dimensions: 23″ by 16″
  • Decorative bring you an exquisite piece of wall decor suitable for any kind of edifice, be it your home, your hotel, your office etc.
  • This dual axes wall art reflects elegancy and superiority, it is a symbol of authority and respect.
  • This wall art will serve the looks for any place you will hang it.
  • The product has two metallic strong axes placed on a wooden board.
  • The wooden board is polished and has a metal lion’s head at the top.
  • The metallic axes are sharp and beautifully carved, they have metallic embroidery on them.
  • The two axes are opposite to each other and are attached separately.
  • The wooden base is used to hang the product from the wall. It is a fine piece of art, neatly polished and is constructed with strong metal.
  • The axes have a red holding base and is constructed in a way that it will not rust. The product will serve as a decoration piece for a lifetime.The decoration piece is easy to handle and easy to hang from a wall. A wall art that will serve its purpose well.


Chiniot wood carving brings beautiful and handcrafted Antique Wooden axes home decorative Wall Hanging Craft for your home, office and hotel decoration. This wooden Home decorative axes is pure and strong wood and beautify with wood carving art. Beautiful flower patterns is drawn on this wall hanging decoration piece.

chiniot wood carving have wide range of wall hanging decoration handmade made from pure wood and use the services of fine artists who are the master of wood carving art, Wood Lacquer Art and Wood brass work. This art is renowned worldwide and has tremendous growth in this sector.Great decor addition to your living room,fireplaces, study area, games room, restaurant or office space.This is pure, wooden and beautify with the art of wood carving. On this wall hanging  item, beautiful carved patterns are drawn in flowers shape.

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Our wooden Axes are made using eco-friendly, natural wood without using any harmful chemicals, colors

This package includes

  1. Pair of axes (Wood Carving Art)
  2. Wooden Base to hang on Wall
  3. Easy to hang with only one Steel Nail
  4. Fines polished lifetime product
  5. Best for hotel decoration wall hanging
  6. Wooden Base To Hang On Wall
  7. Easy To Hang With Only One Steel Nail


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